cucumber, labna & pita snacks


my brother turned me on to this middle eastern delight called labna (or lebne). it tastes like a mixture between cream cheese and sour cream, but is quite a bit better than cream cheese. it is basically plain yogurt drained overnight through a cheesecloth. i’m sure you could go for nonfat and it would be just as good. 


                                        labna                    cream cheese

  • serving                2 tbsp (30g)                1 oz (28g)
  • calories                     60                             100
  • fat calories                45                               80
  • fat                             5g                               9g
  • saturated fat             3g                               6g
  • cholesterol             20mg                         40mg
  • sodium                    25g                         105mg
  • carbs                        2g                                1g
  • sugars                      1g                              <1g
  • protein                     2g                                2g
  • vitamin a                 4%                                 6%
  • calcium                    6%                                 2%


this little concoction came at the suggestion of my brother: snack size pitas, labna, and english cucumbers garnished with a little freshly cracked sea salt and pepper. fill up the pita or make a mini sandwich out of it. the two tablespoon serving size actually goes a long way. and they taste oh so good! thanks, bro!


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