peppered tuna with salad & asparagus

today, i am posting allison’s meal idea, which i meant to post yesterday. allison cooks like me, sans recipe, and never measures when she cooks! but, it’s pretty simple, and she’s got some great flavors going on. and – ready in less than an hour. girl came home on her hour break at work, made this for dinner, and went back to work. right on!


peppered tuna with salad & asparagus



here is what allison had to say:


So I made dinner yesterday – in the hour lunch break I have. And it turned out great! 

I thought I’d send a picture…

It was tuna steaks with a smoked peppercorn & chili pepper crust, (can be good with a mango chutney), asparagus & a salad with greens, pears, dried cherries, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar & oil as a dressing.


i would coarsely crack the pepper onto a plate and press the tuna into both sides. then grill briefly, or until desired temperature. 

i recently watched my friend kristi broil her asparagus with cracked pepper, salt and olive oil spray. that turned out awesome. watch very, very carefully and pull out and shake pan frequently to turn, then return to oven. do that a few times. and watch carefully!


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