Posted by: the delish | March 14, 2012

Frugal dieting

A quick note today. I work about a mile north of Sam’s Club and I drive by it usually twice or more per day. I noticed over the years, their produce has been vastly improving. No, it is not all organic, which has been bothering me more and more lately. So much news on this subject every day. For now, I use whatever I can organic, but I can’t deny the convenience factor.

I really don’t like to let food go to waste. My “strategy” lately has been to purchase the huge bags of fresh produce because I don’t want to let the food go to waste, so if I buy it in bulk, I will be forced to eat it. Right? Right! It has been working! I have been buying broccoli, brussels sprouts, peppers, avocados, carrots, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries on almost a weekly basis. I make sure to eat them, and if I don’t, I freeze them or throw them into a soup. It has been working out great.

The other three things I am keeping stocked up on are fresh mozzarella, hummus, and plain greek yogurt. What I love about the mozzarella is that it is pretty low cal compared to other cheeses, yet it is one of my favorites, so it really helps feed that cheese craving. The hummus is meant to help my normal lunchtime plate full of veggies go down easier. The yogurt, I have been substituting wherever I can in place of mayo and sour cream.

My new favorite thing? Yogurt ranch veggie dip. I took about 1/4 of one of those big containers of yogurt and mixed in a couple tablespoons of dry ranch dressing mix. The entire container is 180 calories and I am making it last 4 days = 45 calories. And it really tastes like ranch dressing!! Yummy! Try it!


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