Posted by: the delish | March 8, 2012

Lost 2 pounds – does it count? (Beware, possible TMI)

So – I must confess, I ate some cake on Tuesday night. But booooooyyyyy am I sorry!! Never have my intestines been quite so angry with me – I mean really, never. I have had some ugliness but nothing like that. It felt like I had the flu! I suppose I could have – although I felt totally normal today – aside from the banging headache I had most of the day, which I believe was from the lack of food/nutrients yesterday.

I don’t know what to think. It is so ironic that I had just mentioned some “intolerances” in my previous blog. Now I go and eat something that encompasses all of the possible triggers – sugar, gluten, dairy… did I mention it was wedding cake with buttercream frosting?

What do you think? Anyone with experience have any input? And – I lost 2 lbs from that ordeal. I logged it on My Fitness Pal because – well, I hope it doesn’t come back! But I bet it will. Maybe I shouldn’t have logged it, I dunno.

Today I will share one of my favorite recipes to date. This past fall when we went to Myrtle Beach, we specifically budgeted for seafood to bring home. Since we drove, we were able to bring back a nice cooler full. One thing I wish I had gotten more of was lump crab meat. Sure you can get it here – for about double the price!

This was a Pinterest inspired idea – but I am not referencing an inspiration recipe because I read through several and none matched my ingredients – so I made my own recipe. Mine was much healthier than any I saw! I don’t have a PIN IT button – but please if you want to pin (I would be honored!!) click here and USE THIS LINK TO PIN. (Because not everybody wants to read about my intestinal issues LOL.)

Crab Stuffed Avocados

  • 2 avocados
  • 1 cup lump crab meat
  • 2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt (I used Chobani)
  • 2-4 tablespoons chopped sweet pepper
  • 2-4 tablespoons chopped green onion
  • spices to taste: salt, pepper, dill, garlic powder
  • Lime juice

Halve avocados, remove pits, skin and sprinkle with lime juice. Combine remaining ingredients and place in avocado halves. Voila!

Each serving is approx 375 calories, 19 carbs and 23 grams fat. Please keep in mind – these are the healthiest and best fats you can possibly eat! THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU. 🙂


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